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Experiencing any type of Family Law issue can be extremely painful and difficult to navigate. When it comes to complex Family Law matters.

Employment Immigration Law

Employment Immigration Law governs the hiring and rights of foreign workers within a country's legal system.

Family Immigration Law

Immigrants have always been an essential part of American society. The United States immigration process can be intimidating.

Family Estate Planning

Careful estate planning is essential to protecting the assets that you have worked so hard for. At Hazlewood Lawrence .


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We are a minority owned law firm, operated by women, we are passionate about families. Our mission is to rebuild, restore, and reunite one family at a time. We help families through matrimonial and family law, immigration law, and estate planning. Our firm has a unique dedication to assisting minority fathers in Family Court; and so, we strongly advocate for the rights of minority fathers. We understand that there is an inherent bias in the Family Court system and minority fathers are often working at a disadvantage for a variety of unfair reasons. Knowing this truth, we strive to ensure the rights of minority fathers are protected and their voices are heard.


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During one of the most difficult times of my life I was afraid of having a horrible attorney experience. Thankfully I was recommended to Hazlewood Lawrence! From the beginning I felt the love and compassion from the attorneys and staff. My emails and messages were answered promptly and professionally. I could tell that I was truly valued by them and they made this process as easy as possible. I could not have gone through this time without Hazlewood Lawrence. Thank you!
Ebenezer M
I hired Hazlewood Lawrence for a family law matter and they took my stressful situation and handled it smoothly, quickly, and peacefully. The staff was attentive to my concerns and they made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Hazlewood Lawrence!
Michael W
My experience with Hazlewood Lawrence has been nothing but wonderful. The legal advice I received felt very thought out and personal to me and my situation. The complexities of the law were explained in such a simplified way that I was actually able to understand each process that had occurred. I am so thankful for their help and advice. I could not recommend them more!
Tyrell J
The attorneys at Hazlewood Lawrence are very personable and easy to talk to. They helped me successfully navigate through such a difficult time in my life. I am very thankful for their staff and work!
Samir O
The Hazlewood Lawrence Team made not such a great experience less painful and for that I am extremely thankful. Their attentiveness and professionalism made this a great experience for me. Hazlewood Lawrence is extremely dependable and they give you 110% of their best work. I would confidently recommend them!
Rosey E
The attorneys and staff at Hazlewood Lawrence have great communication skills. They were upfront and honest about my case from the beginning and they communicated well throughout the entire process. I am very happy with the outcome of my case. I could not have done it without the Hazlewood Lawrence team.
Kathryn L
I have had the great pleasure of working with Hazlewood Lawrence. Their attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and gifted at what they do. Thank you for all of your help!
Bernard W

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